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Jefe's Island Adventures: Thoughts of Love, Summer Romances, and Weddings

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Summer lovin' at the Caye!

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Jefe's Island Adventures: There's just something 'bout a Boat!

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The wind in your hair (or fur), the warm sun over head and the wide sea stretching to the horizon...

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Jefe's Island Adventures: Summer Is Almost Here & You Know What That Means...

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Laabstah is back on the Menu!

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Jefe's Island Adventures: My happy place!

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Explore the shady places of Hatchet Caye with Jefe!

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Jefe's Island Adventures: Family Food & Fun!

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This sausage dog loves to eat!

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Jefe's Island Adventures: Hatchet Caye... My home!

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Join Jefe as he shares his favorite people with you!

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Maya Island Air Belize

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Maya Island Air, our first choice for flights in Belize.

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The annual Whale Shark Migration 2015 is here!

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The 2015 annual whale shark migration to Belize has begun! Our first sighting of the gentle, giant whale sharks has been made off Hatchet Caye! They are here!

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Jefe's Island Adventures: Introducing Rasta! Everyone's friend.

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Everybody who meets Rasta adores him, can Jefe be his friend too?
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Amazing score for fly fishing enthusiast at Hatchet Caye, Belize!

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Fly Fishing records, amazing catch over 4 day fishing vacation in Belize!
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