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Earlymoon in Belize at Hatchet Caye Resort

| clicks: 156 | Resort News   

Earlymoon, the latest wedding trend... 

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Belize - Your Premier Scuba Certification Destination

| clicks: 172 | Diving   

Become a certified diver at Hatchet Caye Resort.

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Our Bird Friends at Hatchet Caye

| clicks: 199 | Resort News   

Bird, birds & more birds at Hatchet Caye... 

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Lionfish hunting & more at Hatchet Caye Resort

| clicks: 66 | Diving, Resort News   

Join us on a day of adventure as we go spear-fishing lionfish!

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How we provide water & power to an island resort

| clicks: 271 | Resort News   

Ever wonder how an island resort gets water and power?

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Hatchet Caye Resort – Your Belize Dive Certification Made Easy!

| clicks: 484 | Diving, Packages   

Our unique location near the reef makes becoming a PADI certified diver easier than anywhere else in Belize.

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Planning a Summer Wedding?

| clicks: 297 | Packages, Weddings   

It's never too late to start planning your summer wedding. 

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Destination BELIZE – Your 2017 Vacation Spot!

| clicks: 557 | Belize News   

With so many things to do in Belize and more new flights connecting the world to us, there is no question why Belize is the latest talk and must visit for 2017!

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Traditional Belizean Christmas Dessert

| clicks: 617 | Recipes   

Enjoy a traditional Belizean Christmas dessert recipe and a special little added treat.

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The Kitchen Kings - Introducing Cris & Aron

| clicks: 1700 | Resort News   

Introducing our "Kitchen Kings" Cris and Aron. 

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Say Your “I Do 's” on a Belize Private Island

| clicks: 800 | Packages, Weddings   
So you are considering Belize for your destination wedding, looking for the right spot to have your beach wedding?
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Jefe's Island Adventures: It's Family Reunion Time!

| clicks: 1620 | Jefe's Island Adventures, Packages   

The best family reunion ever, renting a whole Belize private island in the middle of the Caribbean Sea!

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Jefe's Island Adventures: Island Life Changes You!

| clicks: 1420 |    

This much fun, mixed with the perfect amount of relaxation, is bound to change anyone!

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Jefe's Island Adventures: What To Do - Or Not Do - That Is The Question!

| clicks: 5205 | Jefe's Island Adventures   
What’s there to do at Hatchet Caye Resort? Let Jefe share his favorite activities with you!
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Jefe's Island Adventures: Living My Life on "Island Time" in Belize!

| clicks: 1587 | Jefe's Island Adventures   

Living the life of "Ease in Belize"!

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Jefe's Island Adventures: Top Ten Things I Love At Hatchet Caye Resort in Belize!

| clicks: 1672 | Jefe's Island Adventures   

There is so much to love about my home on Hatchet Caye in Belize!

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Jefe's Island Adventures: There's just something 'bout a Boat!

| clicks: 1766 | Jefe's Island Adventures   

The wind in your hair (or fur), the warm sun over head and the wide sea stretching to the horizon...

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Jefe's Island Adventures: My happy place!

| clicks: 2171 | Jefe's Island Adventures   

Explore the shady places of Hatchet Caye with Jefe!

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Jefe's Island Adventures: Family Food & Fun!

| clicks: 1428 |    

This sausage dog loves to eat!

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Jefe's Island Adventures: Hatchet Caye Belize... My home!

| clicks: 1511 | Jefe's Island Adventures   

Join Jefe as he shares his favorite people with you!

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Maya Island Air Belize

| clicks: 1440 |    

Maya Island Air, our first choice for flights in Belize.

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The annual Belize Whale Shark Migration 2015 is here!

| clicks: 2928 | Diving, Packages, Resort News, Snorkeling   

The 2015 annual whale shark migration to Belize has begun! Our first sighting of the gentle, giant whale sharks has been made off Hatchet Caye! They are here!

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Jefe's Island Adventures: Introducing Rasta! Everyone's friend.

| clicks: 1694 | Jefe's Island Adventures   
Everybody who meets Rasta adores him, can Jefe be his friend too?
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Amazing score for fly fishing enthusiast at Hatchet Caye, Belize!

| clicks: 1979 | Fishing   
Fly Fishing records, amazing catch over 4 day fishing vacation in Belize!
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Jefe's Island Adventures - Embracing "Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle"

| clicks: 1903 | Jefe's Island Adventures, Resort News   
Embracing the Principles of "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle"
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Flights from Cancún, Mexico, to Belize City, Belize Offered on Tropic Air

| clicks: 5413 | Belize News   

Fly to Belize with ease on-board Tropic Air, they will pick you up in Cancun, Mexico!

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Endangered Sea Turtles Hatching at Hatchet Caye!

| clicks: 3534 | Resort News   

Endangered Hawksbill sea turtles, local inhabitants of the waters near Hatchet Caye, hatching on the island!

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Jefe's Island Adventures: Something strange in the water...

| clicks: 1736 | Jefe's Island Adventures, Snorkeling   

Jefe spots a UFO in the waters off of Hatchet Caye!

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Frommer's Travel Guide picks Belize as #1 International Travel Destination in 2015!

| clicks: 1824 | Belize News   
Frommer's Travel guide names Belize #1 on Good Morning America!
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Jefe’s Island Adventures: The Lionfish – Tasty Predators From The Sea

| clicks: 1962 | Jefe's Island Adventures, Diving, Fishing, Snorkeling   
Jefe shares his favorite dish with you, Lionfish!
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Jefe’s Island Adventures: Big plans for the New Year 2015!

| clicks: 1690 | Jefe's Island Adventures, Diving, Snorkeling   
Jefe has made his New Year’s resolutions and plans on sticking to them!
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Romantic wedding destination in Belize – One couple’s dream come true!

| clicks: 1931 | Packages, Weddings   

Experience one couple’s wedding journey at Hatchet Caye Belize with Theilen Photography!

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Finding Adventure no matter what the weather – Tails from Hatchet Caye

| clicks: 1696 | Jefe's Island Adventures   
No matter the weather Jefe never neglects his duties as the security dog of Hatchet Caye, Belize!
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Jefe's Island Adventures - Fishing with Pelicans!

| clicks: 1627 | Jefe's Island Adventures, Fishing   
Jefe the “Security Dog” chases Pelicans – Tails from Hatchet Caye
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Jefe’s Island Adventures - A day of relaxation!

| clicks: 1390 | Jefe's Island Adventures   
A Day of Relaxtion for Jefe, the World’s Most Interesting Dog
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Jefe's Island Adventures - a peek inside our guests' Cabanas!

| clicks: 1352 | Jefe's Island Adventures   
Jefe visits the cabanas at Hatchet Caye Resort, Belize!
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Welcome to Jefe's Island Adventures - Tails from Hatchet Caye!

| clicks: 1623 | Jefe's Island Adventures   

Hi, I’m Jefe the Security Chief at Hatchet Caye Resort. I love living a life of exotic adventure in paradise!

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Caye VS Island, what's the big difference?

| clicks: 4669 | Resort News   

What is the difference between an Island and a Caye? You may be surprised…

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The new way to eradicate the invasive Lionfish, wear them in style…

| clicks: 2502 | Resort News   

Eradicate Lionfish in style, get your LionFish Jewelry today!!!

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Yoga Group vacations in paradise at Hatchet Caye!

| clicks: 2373 | Packages   

Experience yoga in paradise, in the natural, pristine setting on our little island of Hatchet Caye!

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Hunting Lions at Hatchet Caye Resort, Belize

| clicks: 2966 | Fishing, Diving, Snorkeling   
How would you like to take part in a hunt that eradicates a dangerous invasive species and provides ample enjoyment/recreation at the same time? 
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