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Flights from Cancún, Mexico, to Belize City, Belize Offered on Tropic Air

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Central America is interconnected! A major local airline in Belize, Tropic Air operates commercial flights between Belize City and Cancún! Situated on the south-east coast of Mexico on the Yucatan Peninsula, Cancun offers something for everyone. There are eco parks, ancient Maya sites, white powdery sand beaches and turquoise waters with all the water sports you can imagine. Enjoy fabulous restaurants, a throbbing nightlife and great shopping. Cancun also offers excellent connections for those wishing to bypass the USA on their way to and from European cities.Please note: Tropic Air flights arrive and depart in Cancun at the New FBO Building. 

Cancun Mexico flights to Belize to get to Hatchet Caye private island resort Belize

From here you will fly in comfort to Belize City, Belize and on to the beaches of Placencia. Then after an enjoyable and scenic boat ride you will arrive at you final destination, the untouched beauty of Hatchet Caye. For many years now, visitors to Belize have recommended traveling first to Cancún since international flights to that destination are considerably less costly than flights that go directly to Belize City. However, international travelers have often been daunted by the prospect of undertaking the 6-hour journey by bus from Cancún to Belize. Now, with Tropic Air operating flights six days a week (Sunday to Friday) to the city of Cancún and back, it’s possible to significantly cut down on both traveling time and expenses for visitors from European countries and from some cities in the US. Click Here for Map of flight.

Flying over Belize with Tropic Air to get to Hatchet Caye private island resort Belize

Hatchet Caye takes this opportunity to congratulate Tropic Air, one of two entirely homegrown airlines in Belize, on this landmark addition to its already robust roster of 11 domestic flights and 2 international routes, namely from Flores, Guatemala, and San Pedro Sula, Honduras, both to Belize City. Flights may be booked by contacting Tropic Air directly or by contacting our friendly reservations personnel at Hatchet Caye Resort, where we are happy to arrange your flights on Tropic Air to Belize City and Placencia before arriving on the sun-kissed shores of Hatchet Caye.Overview of Hatchet Caye Private Island Resort in Belize