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The new way to eradicate the invasive Lionfish, wear them in style…

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Swimming at Hatchet Caye private island resort in Belize

An imaginative jeweler came to Hatchet Caye one year and was troubled over the damage the invasive Lion fish species was doing to the native Belizean fish. Hatchet Caye is a private island resort off the coast of Placencia, Belize and We encourage the spearing and cooking of Lion fish and even named Our restaurant the Lion Fish Grill, but this jeweler wanted to do more to spread the word about how damaging the effects of the Lion fish can be.

Hatchet Caye private island resort in Belize, from the water

Here is a part of her story in her own words “The Lion Fish is an invasive species of fish that is pretty much taking over our reef! It consumes our native fish in very large quantities, reproduces very rapidly (every four days!) and has no known native predators! (these are just some of the negative effects it has on our Reef Eco-system).

spearing lionfish at Hatchet Caye private island resort Belize

I first learned about Lion fish some years ago when I visited Hatchet Caye resort (I was fascinated by its beauty) but it wasn’t until 2013 that Jennifer Chapman inspired me to start doing something creative with the beautifully deadly Lion Fish.

Preparing LionFish tails for jewelry in Belize

After spending over 8 months collecting, and a lot of time experimenting with different techniques, I finally created my first pair of ready-to-wear Lion Fish tail earrings! I owe a multitude of thanks to Jennifer Chapman and Phil Karp, who gave me much useful advice and introduced me to new techniques of working with the Lion Fish tails and venomous spines, Mr. Justino Mendez for helping me to collect my first amount of whole Lion Fish; Nick Pollard who helped me to collect over 100 tails; and anyone else who played a part in making this possible.

Hoop LionFish Earrings by Kaj Expressions in Belize

I wouldn’t have done this without you all! If nothing else, I hope to create awareness and I would like to encourage everyone to do what they can to help eradicate this Fish. Go out and eat some Lionfish! And if you can’t eat it, wear it! Enjoy! 

Red LionFish Earrings by Kaj Expressions in Belize

We at Hatchet Caye applaud Miss Khadija Assales for following her life long love of art and her love of preserving our eco system in such a creative way. You can follow her line of beautiful jewelry at Kaj Expressions . Hatchet Caye will be featuring her Lionfish earrings in our gift shop and every pair you  buy today helps eradicate another Lionfish tomorrow…

Spike LionFish Earrings by Kaj Expressions in Belize